Lunch and Learn

So one of the things I have recently added to my goal poster is to get organized.  Yes I know it's very broad but it's something I really need to get a grip on.  I have narrowed it down to learning time management skills, file management skills and organizing my "office" into a working office/craft room.  I just happened to stumble upon this great article online...

How to Pare Down Your Stuff

I liked this article because it not only gave you some guidelines to work with but also linked to other articles that could share helpful information if perhaps you need more of a game plan or guidance.  I am one of those people who can never have too much information so I like having more options.  Sometimes it can slow me down because I want to know everything about everything but I'm working on learning skills that will better my life in the long run.

I'm also sharing this article 12 Home Hacks for Your Microwave because some of the tips are pretty handy.  I plan to try the one to dry herbs and sanitize my cutting boards.  I've known about the sponge one, though I haven't tried it.  Also with the sponge though make sure it's WET!  I watched a show on Food Network once that showed that if you put one in dry it will light on fire.  NOT good. 

The one thing I don't agree with in this article is the bit about rehydrating your mascara.  UH if it's old enough to be dry you should NOT be using it.  Mascara is meant to be tossed after 3 maybe 4 months MAX.  Beyond that and you risk harboring tons of disgusting bacteria that could harm your vision if you get it in your eyes.  I have heard more than one story of someone poking themsef in the eye with their mascara wand and then having serious vission issues after.  Seriously girls I know we've ALL done it at least once in our lives so toss that nasty mascara and get a new one!!!  You're not meant to use every last drop.  Once your mascara starts to dry/flake/clump you're probably well over the 3 month mark...

I personally use the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  It's fabulous in the fact it lenghtens and thickens my lashes.  I actually use their brand new Brow Gel first after curling my lashes to help separate them and then I layer on the Ultimate in black.  AWESOME!  I actually have found that the combination of the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and the Mascara has somehow made my lashes longer and stronger.  Perhaps its because they are gently cleaned at the end of the day with the remover or maybe it's just the mascara...  Either way my lashes are WAY longer than they used to be so there's no way I'm switching.  That and I get my products at cost so it's comprable in price to what I'd buy in the department store anyway...

Interested feel free to check out my websiteFYI I'm not really working as an active consultant so if you want someone who can provide you with a makeover/facial/color consultation and more let me know.  I know consultants and directors in Utah and Nevada and can hook you up with someone who will take stellar care of you and your skin.  Seriously I know the best of the best!  Also both products are Best Sellers so you know they're great!

Ok and finally we come down to lunch...

Today's meal was a angel hair pasta tv dinner, roll and the last of the fruit cocktail.  I'm trying really hard to eat up our leftovers because I hate wasting food.  I know so many people are hungry out there and I always feel guilty if I have to throw food away that is perfectly good.  I mean seriously it's one thing if I have burned it beyond recognition but that's rarely the case.  I am enjoying the accountability so to speak since I am posting what I eat each day.  It makes it easier to bring my lunch instead of going out and hoping for the best.  Plus Joe and I have a budget and I am working hard to stick with it and by taking food we already have or leftovers it helps us both reach our savings goals.


  1. Great articles! I'm going to have to try drying my herbs too. I'm a little afraid that I'll have so many I won't know what to do with them. There's some things that I can't seem to pare down- magazines, shoes, and purses. Oh well. Can't win them all I guess. Last day of finals tomorrow- back to the grind.

  2. Hallelujiah! I can comment! haha

  3. I'm so glad you can comment!!! OMG I am worried about having too many veggies too. I'm definitely looking into freezing and drying options to extend what I grow. Other than that I will have to resort to giving some away to others which isn't necessarily bad. :)


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