A Late Afternoon Post

So today's post comes a little later in the day.  For lunch today my office had a potluck so I had quite the sampling of items.  Everything from jalapeno poppers to a type of egg roll...  I'm telling you it was the international house of foods.  A lot of it was really good but for some reason I feel hungry now.  Perhaps I just need some tea or something...

Either way I was just on Facebook and a friend asked for a suggestion on books to read.  I recommended she check out Goodreads because I haven't read much for fun lately.  Well for me it's fun but it's more self help/informational type stuff.  I don't often read novels of any sort...  It made me realize how much I would love to have time to read more.  I do like a good story but there is just so much knowledge out there.  I want to know more.  I've always joked that I want to know everything about everything but part of me knows it's not a joke.  I mean I really don't need to know everything about how my cars engine works but it would be helpful to know the basics.  Then there are subjects like gardening and cooking where really I don't think I could have too much information.  For a brief moment I even thought about Julie and Julia and thought I would like to cook my way through one of my cookbooks just to see how that would go.  Perhaps one day I will.

Lately I've also thought about sustanability and growing more of my own food.  I find it completely satisfying to plant something, nurture it while it grows and then enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.  My lettuce is doing really well and my beats are looking great too.  The onions are cute and I can't wait to see the tomato plants grow and fruit.  That will be awesome!  I'm hoping the zuchinni seeds I planted are doing ok too.  I haven't seen them sprout yet but patience of course...  It all takes time.  I also read this post about Why We Should Eat Grass-Fed Beef.  The more I learn about where food comes from the more I am encouraged to grow my own and purchase locally.  I want the next place Joe and I live to have access to a large amount of locally grown foods.  That's definitely on my priority list for our next home.

Anyway, I wanted to post those couple of things I was thinking about lately.  I just thought about needing to cut down on sugar and portion size again...  Oy!  So much to do.  HA HA HA!!!


  1. I can't wait until I work in a real office. An office that has pot luck Fridays. Ugh! When will 'real life' with 'real job' get here!?

  2. You should TOTALLY plant a garden or something with veggies and stuff : ) Do you have a backyard or somewhere you could do it??

    We had a garden when I was growing up (my dad was obessesed with his garden and weeding it was NOT fun...but enjoying the fruits (or veggies, haha) of our labor WAS delicious!

    I heart book so much! I have a good reads account so if you set one up you should friend me on it!

    love ya girly!

  3. okay so, as I was scrolling down I say you do have a good reads account..silly me!!! Anyways, I will friend you and you better friend me back - haha : )

    Ps, some of my friends and I are thinking of starting a book club this summer, would you like to join possibly??

  4. Kim seriously sometimes the "real job" can be a little crazy but I do know what you mean. I've worked those jobs that feel totally meaningless and boring so I sympathize with your plight... I did like one job I had where they actually brought food in for us every day. HA HA HA! That was awesome!

    Jenn I'll totally friend you on Goodreads! Keep me posted on the book club. If my life isn't too out of control I'm totally in. Or maybe I'll join in when the books appeal to me. HA HA HA! I totally love it! Books are totally awesome!!! :)


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