I'm bringing sexy back...

Ok so I'm really not but what I am bringing back is my 100 Day Challenge!  For all 2-3 of you who follow my blog I was trying to start this back in January however things got busy and I got sidetracked and this didn't happen.  I guess planning a wedding can be quite the task.  HA HA HA!  Either way the wedding is done, it was a wonderful day and I'm back to wanting to make my life better and better.

I was reminded of my challenge when I saw the 21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program in my Facebook feed.  I love all that Celes' site has to offer and her personal challenge inspired me to go back to mine and get a move on with it. 

So as a recap for what I was looking to do (the stuff in italics would be my new thoughts since the initial posting) here we go:

Who: Me (of course...)
What: Learn to live on purpose, build a life I love and live with intention for the best.
When: Every day for the next 100 Days. (looks like if I start tomorrow I'll go until Thursday, July 15th)
Why: To be a better person, to build self confidence, to find my dreams and to be truly happy.
How: Focus on each day, write down my thoughts and feeling and enjoy the journey.

So my idea was each day to participate in an activity focused on developing my life in one of these areas...

1. Creativity (specifically completing my wedding guest book and setting up my craft room/office so I can work on my creativity.)
2. Gratitude (I know I am blessed and I want to share my time and talents to better my little corner of the world as much as I can.)
3. Career (I want to figure out what I'd like to do with my life and how I'd like to finish my journey through school)
4. Financial Freedom (I want to live debt free and learn to stick with a budget and save so I can do the things that I want to do.)
5. Love/Friendships/Family (I guess this could be personal relationships) (I want to stay in touch with friends work talking to, be the best friend I can be and stay connected with my family more than I do.  I also want to put my whole heart and soul into my marriage because I know that it takes work and I am willing to work hard to keep the amazing relationship I have.)

My goal it to take time every day to blog, journal or share my experiences in order to be personally accountable to the process. That means one day I might blog, another I might write in a journal and another might be a call or face to face chat with someone.  (I still plan to do this so now I just need to do it.)

One thing I did like from Celes' challenge is to #1 pick 3 (or more) habits you want to work on and #2 know why you are doing this.  I recently did some coaching with Christina Ambubuyog and it was really helping me to focus on specific areas of growth that I wanted to accomplish and I think narrowing my focus will help me to get started and stay going. 

I can't shake the thought to "get organized".  Anytime I look at my goal poster I think I should add "get organzied" to it.  Whenever I think life is getting away from me I think if only I were organized I'd be ok.  I think I can hear the universe loud and clear telling me organization is key in my life right now.  I just know that if I can somehow master organizational skills I will be much better off.  For me high school was cake because I was smart enough to get by without having to be organized and study.  Now college is harder because you have to stay on top of your work in order to not be overwhelmed.  I just know that if I can master organizational skills it will help in so many other areas of my life including school, work and relationships.

Anyway my lunch is about over so I will try to reflect more on this later tonight.  Thanks to my friends who have managed to follow my blog and stick with it.  I promise good things are still to come.  :)


  1. I love it! I think all of these things are completely do-able. You just have to 'get organized' ;)

  2. OMG organized should be a 4 letter word for me. HA HA HA! I'm trying to get better about taking care of things when they need to get done instead of just pushing them aside and hoping they'll go away.


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