Fun on my lunch...

Ok so thank the beautiful Kerilynn Petersen and her blog post that inspired me to see what my future child would look like.

Yes these are the things I do on my lunch hour on occasion.  HA HA HA!!!  Should you choose to see what your future offspring would look like check out MorphThing and see for yourself.  You can also see what yours and a celebrities children would look like too so let the fun begin.

By the way I am eating a FABULOUS lunch of leftover stir fry I made last night.  I'll have to post pics from when I was making it later.  For now I have a conference call to run too in a few minutes.


  1. You totally have me hooked on that site, lol!

  2. HA HA HA! YES! Seriously the site is quite entertaining! :)


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