A Few of My Favorite Things...

One thing I love about blogs is you get a peak into someone elses world.  Whether they're writing about their struggles, their goals, their kids or just the everyday things that happen in life it's something that can connect you with another person, a place, a cause or something more. I saw a great post from my friend Jennifer about her favorite things and she challenged anyone who read the post to create their own list of things you can turn to when you're sad or overwhelmed.  So in celebration of her courage and inspiration here is my list of favorite things...

* I love it when I come home from work and I can hear my cat meowing by the door because he knows I'm out there.  I know he's happy to see me which is always nice.
* I love it when I am cooking dinner and my cat comes and "talks" to me.  He'll just meow and meow and sometimes when I ask him questions he'll answer.  It's fun.
* I love it when I see someone I know making progress with their life.  Whether it's big steps or baby steps I enjoy seeing other people succeed and turn their life into exactly what they want.
* I love seeing people in the world who are doing good things.  Each person really could change the world if we acted on the things we wanted to see.  If I help my family or my neighbor and then they help their family and reach out the effect of all the kindness and caring would spread out exponentially and I really think everyone has the potential to make their world into whatever you want it to be.
* I love people who can see the good in any situation.  Yes it may suck, it may be hard, it may not be what you want but when you can still look up and smile and move forward YOU are in control of your life and your destiny.  I am learning it really is your attitude that can make or break how you view the world.
* I love days when the air is cool and the sun is warm.  Here in Vegas it's typically too hot or too cold but there are those days when you just roll the windows down, blast your favorite song and just enjoy being alive.
* I love seeing my garden bloom and grow.  It's such a feeling of accomplishment to know that you have nurtured that small seed into something that will be yummy and nutritious. 
* I love it when I can hear the smile on someones face when they call.  When you can tell someone is glad to hear from you it's a wonderful feeling.
* I love taking the time to cook healthy and good foods for myself and my hubby.  The dishes I could definitely do without but cooking something fro scratch is so amazing.

Alright.  I seem to be having a very blessed day today so I'm hoping if you read this you'll pay it forward so to speak and post your own list of favorite things.  It can be what you're grateful for today, what you love about your life or the things that bring you up when you're feeling down.  Share those glorious things and I think it will help make your day even better than it already was.  Cheers!


  1. what a great idea! one of my favorite things: having a friend like you, of course!!

  2. AWWW you are the cutest! Yes I was totally thinking of you and Jen when I mentioned seeing people succeed. You guys are the bomb and friends like you definitely make life worthwhile. :)

  3. Heather! You are so amazing!
    I have your photo discs sitting on my desk now, I am just waiting for one little thing before I send them off, I hope you don't hate me for taking a little longer than 2 weeks~ I hope it will be worth it! :)

  4. Aww, I love you Heather! And I am sooooo bummed that I was too sick to make it to your reception : (

    I am glad you made this list and I LOVED reading it!

    Hope married life is treating you amazing!!!!!

  5. Tiffany it's all good! No worries. Jen I'm SO sad you couldn't make the reception too. I'm sorry to hear it was because you weren't well. I love you bunches though and am always rooting you on. You guys are the best! :)


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