A Piece of Me in March 2010

This month....

I like: that my garden is growing very nicely.  It's fun to see my herbs and onions sprouting.  I hope the lettuce and beats will soon follow.  Can't wait to try some home grown goodness.

I don't like: that I always am behind.  No matter what I do I never seem to get a grip on time management.

I want you to know: that I wish I had more time to blog and email friends. I see so many blogs that are updated daily or pretty close to daily and I just never seem to find the time...  Perhaps after the wedding I'll get better.

I've planned: to try and stay sane over the next few weeks until after the wedding.  15 days...

I want to say to someone special: I love my fiance, friends and family oh so much.  Every time I read about others struggles and challenges I realize how blessed I am.  I hope I never forget to be grateful for all the things I have, for my freedoms and for my life.

Like the game?
Jump on the bandwagon, and start playing!

1) You can join anytime.
2) After that, you have to post it every first sunday of the month, or in that very weekend.
3) The post only needs to contain the answers to the 5 question above.
4) Leave your name, blog url (not post url!) beneath in the form. One time is enough!
5) If you're not posting the game every month, I will need to remove you from the list.


  1. ah! it so sucks to have such a short summer season here. I want fresh veggies now. I've already made layouts of what I want for my flower beds this year so I can get my plant shopping done early. My goal is to have the most gorgeous yard on the block, haha!

  2. Girl you'll TOTALLY have the best yard on the block. :) That will be awesome. Yes the perk of Vegas is that mild weather. AHH I just wish it would stay mild... :(


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