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Alright I totally meant to do this on a weekly basis but that obviously hasn't happened...  Also I meant to do a lot of things lately but sometimes time slips away.  Unfortunate yes but I'm working on learning better time managment skills.  I think it's truly the one thing that's always held me back.  So today here is my top 10 things I'm happy about right now:

1. I am happy that my wedding is so close and even though things are chaotic the one thing I have zero doubt about is Joe.  He's the most amazing man and is just perfect for me.

2. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  I just posted my bridal shower pics on Facebook this morning and it was so fun to remember the great friendships I had growing up.

3. I am happy that I got an email from my soldier.  He just got back from a vacation to Hawaii with his new wife where they renewed their vows and enjoyed some time together.  It sounds like it was an amazing trip and I'm so happy for them.

4. I am happy to be gainfully imployed.  So many people are out of jobs or are on the verge of losing their jobs and I'm glad to have mine.  Plus I work with cool people so that makes it even better.

5. I am happy to be learning time management skills.  I got a great book that was recommended to me by my friend Christina who is working on becoming a life coach.  Her dedication to helping others and kind help has definitely opened my eyes to some new possibilities.

6. I am happy for my super friends Kim and Christina.  There's a big reason why they're a part of my wedding because of what they have brought to my life.  I know I haven't always been the best friend I could be but I'm working on it.  I know true friends are worth the extra effort to stay in touch and nurture so I'm definitely not letting either of them go.

7. I am happy for my cutest cats.  No seriously I am.  I love them all and they bring me such joy every day.  I love to see them be curious and playful and then snuggle up next to you for a nap.  They're fabulous.  I totally get why all those studies show that having a pet can lenghten your life. 

8. I am happy for chicken tortilla soup that I make from scratch.  It's so stinkin yummy and Joe and I always love it.  Plus with it chilly outside it's nice to have something warm and nutritious.  You can totally throw in any of your favorite veggies too.  MMM!!!

9. I am happy for my veggies and herbs that are already sprouting and growing.  I'm hoping the weather stays mild so that they will continue to grow and thrive.  I can't wait to try some fresh herbs and veggies from the backyard.  I really think if I could have a bunch of acres I would plant a ton of stuff and be as self sustating as I could be.

10. I am happy for the good people who are still out there in the world.  Every now and again I'll hear a story that just brings a tear to your eye.  People doing good things for each other and making things happen for the greater good is amazing.  I <3 people who do good.


  1. Thanks! I'm trying to remember to blog more when I get a minute. I have some awesome pics from the yard I have to share AND I realized my lettuce and beats are sprouting!!! So stinkin excited!!!

  2. I am so sorry I missed your wedding! I totally planned on being there and lets just say life got really busy. I bet it was beautiful and wonderful and the best thing ever. Congrats!!!!!


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