My Happy Place

So my fabulous friend at Pieces of Me just blogged about her Happy List for the week and I thought that was just a brilliant idea.  A simple list of just 10 things that make you happy, you're greatful for or that make you smile...  I think this is an excelent way to remember all the good that goes on even though the world may seem like it's caving in on you.  Perhaps this will become one of my weekly pieces to keep me posting.  :)

Here we go...  My Happy Place:

1. I just read my birthday cards from two of my wonderful friends here in Vegas and their kind words and thoughts made me feel so happy to call them friends.  I'm much more used to giving the gifts and getting nothing in return.  (Not that I expect things to be my friend but often I think I misplace my friendship with those who probably don't consider me as much of a friend as I do them.  That and I have spent far more on gifts for people, even going in debt, I think in a way to try and buy their friendship and closeness.  That's a whole other story though and this is a HAPPY place...)  Anyway the fact they thought of me with a lovely gift and a beautiful card made me feel like it really is worth it to put the time and effort to be someones friend and share our lives. 

2. This birthday could have been my best birthday ever.  I spent it surrounded by friends and loved ones.  I got to eat yummy sushi, got some great gifts from my darling Joe and my family even called and sang happy birthday on my VM.  Love it!

3. I am happy to be employed with a boss I like and co-workers that are fun and make my days interesting.  I am glad I am able to earn a living and provide for myself each and every day.

4. I am excited about my upcoming wedding.  Sometimes it's stressful, sometimes it feels overwhelming but it always feels like the right thing to do.  I love Joe so much for all he gives to me, for the many blessings he's brought into my life and I couldn't imagine there would be anyone better for me than him. 

5. Each day I am working to be a better me.  I'm learning that I can't be everything in the world so I'm working on doing the things that make me happy and make me feel good about myself.  Life is all about the things you learn along the way so hopefully I'm learning some good stuff.

6. I started a garden this past weekend with Joe and I am really hoping it works out.  My Mom is the bomb and has a serious green thumb but I can succesfully drown a cactus and kill those plants they say "anyone" can keep alive.  I'm thinking positive though and hopefully I'll have some yummy fresh veggies to show for it.

7. I love the cute star pasta I put into my tortilla soup.  Simple little things like that really make me happy.

8. I have learned that chosing a career has been hard for me because I tend to like things that are opposities.  Like I enjoy working with people and being in charge of things but I also like being behind the scenes doing techie stuff all alone.  I enjoy things like medicine and science but I also like the metaphysical/spiritual stuff too. Even on those personality tests I'll end up on both sides of the spectrum.  If nothing else I think this discovery will work to my advantage because at least I understand a little bit more why I haven't picked a career and stuck to it.

9. I know that whatever career I choose I somehow want to help others.  I like to see others succeed, be happy and live the life they've always dreamed about.  I hope to one day help those who want to improve their lives.

10. I'm happy that my Joe is good at planning ahead, budgeting and all those good things that you need to do so you're not always going pay check to pay check.  It always makes me happy to know he's looking out for our future together.


  1. I LOVE your list!

    We should make it a goal to try to do every single week- are you in with me???


  2. Jenn I love it! I'm totally in. I think doing it weekly is a great idea. :) Can't wait to read yours next week too. YAY!!!

  3. Heather, you are so awesome! thank you for sharing this! I am going to work on it this weekend too! Thank you for being such a wonderful, thoughtful, kind, supportive person~ I am grateful to know you! :)

  4. Ah Tiffany you're amazing too. I am so glad to know you as well and it's great we can learn more about each other on FB and our blogs. :) YAY!


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