Sunday, February 21, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Well today is an exciting day because my onions are sprouting!  Joe actually noticed it the other day when he watered them and today is a beautiful day so I went out to water the plants and ta-da we have onions!!!  I'm very excited.  Some of the other seeds I've planted (herbs and flowers) look like they're starting to grow too.  I'm hoping the tomatoes I planted will start to grow too.  I have them in little containers that I can cover up in case I know it's going to be cold at night.  The weather here is really temperate though so I don't anticipate any night being too cold.  Check out the pics below to see my cute onions.  :)


  1. I'm so jealous right now!! What kind of onions did you plant? Are onions in bulbs form? Hey, I got your package the other day. It's taunting me and begging for me to open it but I'm going to wait until my actual birthday. If I can hold out that long!!

  2. That is so awesome! I want to live where there is no winter!! :)

  3. The onions were blubs and I got sweet yellow and red onions. I figured we use a lot of onion so I'd give them both a whirl. So far so good though I have no clue how I'm supposed to know when I can harvest them. HA HA HA!!! The herbs I started are doing great too. I have new pics so I'll have to post them.

    Tiffany it's all about some mild winters. This winter has been VERY mild so I just couldn't wait to get planting. I'm pleased to see stuff growing. :)