Sharing in the Fun

Ok to my friends who might actually check out my blog I want you to share in the fun! 

Follow my blog and be sure to let me know if you have one too and I'll post it in my favorite blogs list.  (Of course you may already be there...) 

Also feel free to share with me your favorite quotes so I can add them to my favorite quotes list which shuffles through my list of favorite quotes. 

If you do a lot of reading or happen to be on GoodReads you can find me HERE.  It's a new thing I found where you can share your reviews on books you've read as well as keep track of books you're reading and ones you want to read.  I love reading so I figured I would start to try and connect with others who enjoy similar books too.

I also found a cute website about gardening called GardenGuides and I have a profile there too.  You can of course become a friend and we can share our gardening experiences.  Joe and I plan to start a little vegetable garden soon so look for pictures to come soon.

Ok and I also am using DailyBurn to track what I eat and my weight loss progress for the wedding.  If you use Daily Burn it actually allows you to track online and sync with your iPhone if you download the app.  I think it's great because I can update from home or on the go and see about where I am with calories, fat, carbs and protein.  It's not 100% scientific because it counts on you or someone else to have correctly input the data for each food and of course not every food is in there so sometimes it's a guess but it does help keep me accountable and I'm already seeing results.  If you decide to give it a try be my friend so we can keep each other motivated.

Ok I think that's it for now.  Thanks in advance for any comments or support you can offer.  I wish everyone the very best in 2010.


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