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This is my horoscope for yesterday from Daily OM. You can find a wealth of resources there from words of wisdom, books, music and more.  I really like that they have various self improvement courses available and I love that the fees for the classes are typically at what you can afford.  Many being available for $1.  Also I know that some of the instructors I've seen are actually published authors and people who have been working on their topics for a long time which makes it a great investment.  I'm looking at what class I'd like to take but wanted to share this from yesterday. 

January 14, 2010
Starting with Acceptance
Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You may feel peaceful and serene today, which could have a beneficial impact on your circumstances. You may feel a deeper level of satisfaction about your life path, or you might feel confident about plans for your future. Another good way to enhance this mind-set is by focusing on the power of acceptance with any circumstances that are resistant to change. Simply bring to mind any situation you have struggled to change in the past and affirm to the universe that you accept it exactly as it exists in your life today. If you release the struggle and acknowledge that the circumstances of your life exist for a reason, you will feel stronger and better equipped to continue working through them, even if you don’t see results right away.

The act of acceptance empowers us to own our current circumstances while freeing our focus so we can work toward a brighter future. We often expend so much of our energy fighting futilely against dissatisfactory circumstances that we have nothing left to focus on new dreams and plans. When we consciously release the struggle and embrace our situation as it is right now, we stop resisting the lessons that can help us move forward again. Accepting our life circumstances does not denote defeat but serves as a starting point as we turn toward the future with hope and optimism. As you wholeheartedly accept your existing circumstances today, you are freeing your energy and focus to manifest a more satisfying future.


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