Morning Pages - Opening New Windows into Your Mind

My most amazing friend Christina Ambubuyog posted an amazing exercise on her FB this morning.  I'm just quoting it because she explains it so well:

"Morning pages is 3 pages of long hand stream of conscious writing you do first thing when you wake up in the morning. You write whatever comes into your mind without really thinking about it, just write, no pausing, just fill up an entire 3 pages of a notebook/journal. I have one of those 3 subject notebooks I use and spent almost a year doing them have stepped away and now I'm back. It's from Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. Also she recommends that you don't read what you write for the first several weeks or so... The idea behind it is to create space in your mind body spirit freeing it from all the nonsense and you have more space for creative energy to flow through you!!! Cleaning out your mental house daily... It's one of the most profound practices I've experienced next to my daily meditation practice! I love it!!!"

I think this is an excellent idea and will be implementing it into my routine in an effort to see what comes up.  Perhaps this will help me purge negative thoughts, anxieties and other things that may be effecting my happiness.  Plus I have read stuff lately that says we should be taking quiet time for ourselves to reflect and meditate to better be in tune to our own needs and wants.  I am also working on a conscious level to be nice to people and to offer them the best of me when I can.  The more I get to know people you truly realize that we all have inner struggles and challenges that may or may not be obvious on the outside but that really can affect our perceptions of our selves and the world around us.  It really is necessary to be kind to others because you really don't know what kind of battle they're fighting in their life.  Perhaps the grass is greener on the other side but you never know if that is a front for the things we often don't share with others.  I hope that when it's my turn to pass on that people remember me for the good I did in the world and for how I treated them because in the end that's really all that matters.

If you're going to try the Morning Pages exercise comment and let me know.  Even if you just try it for a week to see how it goes you never know it may change your life.  :)  I'd love for people to post back if you try it and let me know what happens after a week, a month, a year, whatever.  :)


  1. I am trying to be conscious of how I am towards other people as well. Its true that we don't know what's going on in their lives and we should always be considerate of that. And I agree that the only way we learn from things is if we take time for a little personal reflection.

  2. Yep yep! I have found too that when I am kind to others you truly do get it back. Sometimes I just feel happy or have more energy. I think if you surround yourself in that state of giving and being kind then it does come back. :)


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