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This past week has been rather crazy to say the least. We had a few days off from work because of the New Years day holiday and when I got back the Disney "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." program had launched. For most people that's not really a big thing but since I work with volunteers and non-profit organizations it is HUGE. All week I have been answering questions, getting on Q&A conference calls, responding to emails, verifying attendance and realizing that I didn't know near as much about our website and the program as I thought I did. Overall I have managed to remain very upbeat and helpful however I have gone home brutally exhausted every night. The work really isn't taxing physically because I can do it all seated at my desk but I think it's been an emotional drain. I'm giving everything I have all day to everyone I talk to. Trying to help volunteers find a project, trying to keep staff in the loop, trying to help organizations manage their postings and trying to keep up with all the information about Disney I can get my hands on.

I've noticed more and more lately that I am easily drained by things that go on around me. I hate meetings because even if they're productive they drain me. Listening to other people's complaints, dealing with ignorant people, wasting time... Every meeting is different and draining for different reasons. I also noticed that as I work at my best I feel I just give and give and as I do I become more and more tired. I have no idea how to preserve my energy so that I can continue to work but I need to find a way because by the time I get home I am not at all productive because I am so tired.

I decided to go back and read Christina's Honor Your Brilliance Newsletter. There are always great things there and I knew I would find some good inspiration. I watched her New Year's Blessings video which was very warm and welcoming and as I continued through I came across a point that just made so much sense. I won't even try to say it as well as she did so here it is:

"As you think about your intentions, ask yourself what is it that inspires you to live this intention? Is your intention coming from a space of love or from fear? For example, another one of my intentions is Honor my body through Action. My inspiration for this comes from the love I have for this vessel for creation. Through my body I am blessed to walk, paint, dance, live and because of my love and gratitude for these abilities, it's important for me to care and honor this vessel that houses my Spirit. If I were to create this intention from fear, I would probably come from a space of needing to take care of my body because I don't want to get sick or I'm afraid of how my body will look if I don't. Automatically that creates a separation from loving your intention and loving yourself."

To me that made so much sense. For so long I have tried to lose weight because I was worried about being fat, getting sick, becoming diabetic, etc... It just makes sense that I haven't succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off because I'm moving forward from a place of fear and anxiety. I've known for a while that you have to do things from a positive place but I had never though about weight loss in terms of eating healthy and working out because I am blessed by all that my body gives to me. It was just one of those ah-ha moments that makes you go huh I get it. I just wanted to share that moment of inspiration.

Also if you are interested in getting your own inspiration feel free to check out more about Christina on her website at Also she is having some amazing specials for January. She is amazing so if you can take the time for yourself you will not regret it.  Check this out:

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  1. You are right on! I had one of those same ah ha moments when it came to my goal of saving money. For so long I had been trying to save money out of fear of ending up destitute like my mother and dependant on other people. I couldn't understand why it wasn't working. Then I started to save for positive reasons, like my desire to have money to travel and bingo!! it just clicked and now I have money in my savings account! Its' amazing what positivity and the right form of inspiration can do.

  2. Dude that is amazing! That's so great to hear that by changing how you perceived saving you were able to save. That's such a great example of positive thinking in action. LOVE IT!!!


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