Adventures In Food - Cuba Cafe

So Joe and I have decided that we want to try a different/exotic/foreign restaurant each month.  I think it will be exciting to expand our culinary experiences plus it will be something new and exciting to experience together.  I plan to post each time we go somewhere new for our adventure and whenever I remember I'll post pictures too.

So, today's adventure took us to Cuba Cafe.  We had a coupon in the Entertainment Book which I think will be the source of our inspiration for places to go.  Since most of the coupons are buy one get one free we figure out if the food is good we get it at a steal and if it's not then at least we didn't pay full price.  HA HA HA!!!

Cuba Cafe was a cute little restaurant in a random little strip mall close to UNLV.  I probably wouldn't have ever noticed it if we weren't looking for it, then again I don't go that way often so who knows.  It's conveniently located on Tropicana between Spencer and Eastern on the south side of the road.  When we got there we were the only ones there so we got seated right away.  The place was clean and they have some pretty interesting cork art going on on the ceiling.  Dang it I should have taken a picture...  GRR...  I never used the restroom so I have no comment on that.  The people were friendly though I'm not sure the waitress really understood us the whole time.  I asked for a water with lemon which is SO common these days but all I got was a water.  No big deal because the water wasn't terrible but still...

So, we ended up ordering the Chicken Empanada which I forgot to take a picture of.  Note I said Empanada not Empandas.  It really means ONE.  It was good but for $4.50 I think it was kind of overpriced.  The meal did come with some bread which you can see pictured on their website.  I have no clue what kind of bread it was but it was good.

For our meal I ordered the Mahi-Mahi Al Cilantro-Limon:

It came with a yellow rice that had veggies in it and a mixed cabbage salad.  The sauce was actually very light and flavorful and the Mahi-Mahi was a good sized portion.  Well at least for me.  I couldn't finish all my food.

Joe had the Ropa Vieja and he cleaned his plate!  I got to try some and it was flavorful and tender and didn't look fatty at all.  I'm always hesitant to try beef or pork at a place I haven't been too because I am VERY picky about fatty chunks in my food.  YUCK!  I won't eat them...  But he ordered and this is what it looked like:

Overall the food was good, the service was fine and the place was nice however the prices to me were too much.  Since we had a $10 off coupon it made it affordable however I wouldn't go back unless the pricing came down.  I don't know, the food could be really authentic and I could hear it being cooked right when we ordered it but still...  My meal was $15.95 and Joe's was $13.95 and like I mentioned earlier the single Empanada was $4.50...  I guess if you've got money to burn or a coupon give it a whirl.  Hopefully our next Adventure in Food will be something worth writing home about.  :)


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