100 Day Challenge

So I thought I better further explain my thoughts about my 100 Day Challenge. I went through a rough patch where things just seemed like they were out of control and not going in the direction I hoped. I often felt lost, confused, pessimistic and hopeless. But lucky for me I have the most amazing fiance in the world who has never given up hope in me or our future. Because of that I have decided that I need to turn my life around. For him, for me and for our future. I started by writing down some things I want...

2B happy again
2 love my life
2B a better me

I figure I can do this by being positive, courageous, cheerful, grateful, purposeful, by believing in myself and by seeing the good things in all situations.

I need to know what I want, focus on activities that will get me there, surround myself with positive and encouraging people and simply enjoy the journey.

I want to share my talents, be kind, give more, practice creativity, enjoy my hobbies and never stop learning.
So here's the low down on my 100 Day Challenge to myself...

Who: Me
What: Learn to live on purpose, build a life I love and live with intention for the best.
When: Every day for the next 100 Days.
Why: To be a better person, to build self confidence, to find my dreams and to be truly happy.
How: Focus on each day, write down my thoughts and feeling and enjoy the journey.

So my idea was each day to participate in an activity focused on developing my life in one of these areas...

1. Creativity
2. Gratitude
3. Career
4. Financial Freedom
5. Love/Friendships/Family (I guess this could be personal relationships)

My goal it to take time every day to blog, journal or share my experiences in order to be personally accountable to the process. That means one day I might blog, another I might write in a journal and another might be a call or face to face chat with someone.

Each day I want to remember that my progress no matter how big or small is a step forward to a better life and a better self.

I hope you'll follow my blog and see how things progress. I'm always open to feedback and comments however this whole process is a work in progress so rules are subject to change. ;)


  1. I'm planning on doing this but I'm not going to start for a little bit. I want to take some time to get my thoughts together on this and to make my list. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration!

  2. Nice! Let me know when you start. I think what you're already doing is going to help you get prepared. I think you're on the right track. :)

  3. awesome, awesome goals!!!!


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