100 Day Challenge - Some Details

Ok so I get I'm totally crazy with my blog layout...  Perhaps I'll find one I really love and leave it alone.  HA HA HA!!!  Oh well until then...

So my 100 Day Challenge needs me to complete one activity (or more) each day.  My idea was I would put together a list of 100 different things I could pick from.  I'll probably end up with more than 100 in case I decide not to do something but the idea of the list is I could keep track of things I have wanted to do anyway that would help benefit building a life I love.  If you're going to try the Challenge with me I would suggest first making a commitment to yourself and to improving your life.  Second, come up with your "dream team".  These are people who you can call, email, text or message when you're having a moment and need some support.  These are people who you know support you through thick and thin, who have always been there for you and truly want you to succeed.  They should also be positive and uplifting so that you can help each other be better people.  Next create your own list of 100 things you'd like to do over the next 100 days and then finally take the plunge.  Start completing activities and you have to either blog, journal or talk to someone on your dream team each day.  This will be great to reflect on after the 100 days are done.

Some of my 100 things so far are:

1. Learn to cook something I've never cooked before
2. Try a new form of exercise
3. Write a poem
4. Write a short story
5. Write a letter of gratitude to a friend and mail it
6. Talk to someone in a career field that interests me
7. Volunteer
8. Donate clothes that don't fit/are old/out of style/etc.
9. Make and keep an appointment with a counselor at CSN
10. Bake something and share it
11. Learn about retirement planning
12. Write down 10 things I love about myself
13. Try a new hobby
14. Plant and care for a garden
15. Try a new type of tea
16. Write a list of the top 10 things I need in a career
17. Write a list of the top 10 things I need in a community I'd like to live in and call home
18. Call and talk to a friend on the phone
19. Photograph and share something from my life each day for a week
20. De-clutter!  Toss, recycle, donate or sell anything unnecessary
21. Make something special for someone
22. Try a new style.  A hat, scarf, necklace, hair clip, etc.
23. Learn to make a decadent dessert
24. Throw a dinner party for couples
25. Be happy all day no matter what
26. Create a 2-4 word mantra
27. Create a daily affirmation

Remember my daily activities are supposed to focus me in my five areas I want to improve my life in.  All of the activities relate to one or more things that are important to me so they're not just random stuff though you could toss in a couple random things just for fun.  I recommend making a list of things that range in difficulty.  Some things will obviously be harder for some people than others but for me trying a new style will only take a short time compared to say throwing a dinner party.  Obviously on a day you're rushed or really busy you wouldn't want to tackle a dinner party.  So you need a variety of things so you can always accomplish something.  Plus sometimes it's the little things that count.

If you decide to join me on this journey comment and let me know your start date.  If you plan to blog your journey let me know your blog address so I can follow you and we can keep track of each others progress.  Good luck and God bless to all.  Cheers to an amazing 2010!


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