Bridal pics and best friends!

So this is part of Memory Grove where I took my bridal pictures. For those of you who don't know, which seems to be everyone in Vegas, bridal pics are just of the bride in her wedding gown. They're always taken before the wedding and usually the pics are displayed at the wedding/reception. In addition to bridal pics couples will typically take engagement photos which are the two of them together. Usually the couple pics one photo or creates a collage of photos and sends them out with the wedding invitations. Finally of course there are the wedding photos which are taken the day of the wedding and include the bridal party, guests and the ceremony and reception... Enough said...

Here's another pic from Memory Grove. I did get some pics on that bridge. It's really pretty there and there was water flowing under it and over the little waterfalls in the back. It was such a beautiful day and I got to share it with two of my best friends Kim and Tiff as well as my Mom. They all pitched in to help hold my props, carry my dress and veil and keep me going with ideas of how to pose. Just from the few I saw on the camera I think they have turned out fantastic and much better than I could have ever imagined. The weather was great too which meant blue skies and cool air so my dress managed to stay very clean and I was able to keep cool which was very important to me. Sweaty pictures are just not my idea of a good time. HA HA HA!!!

Taking my bridal pics was such a fun experience. I even got compliments from others who were at the park which was really nice. I'm really looking forward to my engagement photos because I know they will end up looking great. Tiffany my photographer does such a good job and I knew that hiring her for my wedding was a good choice. I'd seen her work from a couple of other friends weddings and I just liked how she seemed to capture things as they were which always looked more natural and beautiful. I love the way the pictures look like you were just there watching it all happen. I'd HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to have portraits or wedding pictures taken. You can check out her blog as well as her website which I liked above.

Well aside from bridal pictures I got to hang out with two of my best friends in the whole world Kim and Tiff. I've known Tiff since middle school and actually she was probably one of my first friends when I moved to UT. WOW!!! That takes you back. HA HA HA!!! I've known Kim since college when we became roommates and quickly became that crazy pair that was always having too much fun. Oh how I miss the days of the disco ball, beaded curtain and heater dancing. HA HA HA!!! It was great! While I was in UT we went to MacCool's which was really yummy. I'm always up for a nice Irish pub because the food can be so good! I had the Guinness Stew which seemed small but was so filling. I highly recommend it because everything looked so good there.

Overall even though it was a short weekend it was such a good time spent with family and great friends. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out.


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