My Dress is Back!

So I went and picked up my dress today at David's Bridal. It was being altered and I was getting my shoes dyed too. I was very worried about the dress because when I put it on when I took it in for alterations I found for whatever reason I didn't like it as much as I had when I bought it. Lucky for me when I went back after work I found I liked it again. Unfortunately I had totally forgot to bring my slip and bra so I had to borrow one to try it on. HA HA HA!

Now the thing I'm looking at is a cute little bolero to go with the dress. I thought I didn't want one but it's probably going to be chilly for my wedding and I think they are really cute. Plus the one part of the dress I wasn't so sure about could easily be hidden under a cute bolero. I tried on the one at David's Bridal but didn't love it so I went online and this is what I found:

I think I am looking for a short sleeved bolero in a sheer type of material and I don't want it to be too long in the back because the back of my dress is beautiful and I don't really want to hide it. Now the hunt is on to find a bolero that will work for my dress. At least I have some ideas now. :)


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