Bridesmaid Dress Options

So I realized that I had other wedding news to share. The skirt I wanted for my bridesmaids was actually found. (It was in very limited sizes when we first found it so I moved on but my Mom found the skirt again.) It works great for Kim but Christina doesn't like how it looks on her. I figured because it was an a-line skirt it would work fine for someone thin and someone with hips since the style is pretty flattering... Since it's a juniors style skirt though I guess it doesn't work so well if you actually have a figure. Go fig... So since I want both girls to like what they're wearing and feel good in it I found some more options. I really want them to both be able to wear whatever we get after the wedding so here are my options I like... The first pic with the skirt is what I actually picked out. It does come in a dress which was way cute and then of course there are the other two dresses I found...


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