Finally A Dress

So I finally did find a dress. The third time at David's Bridal was a charm. I have a fabulous dress that I can't wait to wear. I also got my shoes that were a great price. I'm also very lucky because my future sister-in-law is getting me my veil as her gift to me. I'm so excited because the veil I love was a bit more than I expected a veil to be but now I get exactly what I want. YAY!

Now we're on to food, invitations and music. I'm thinking things are working quite well and I hope to be able to keep things rolling smoothly. I did register for 3 classes for the fall semester but I won't have more than two at a time luckily. I'm taking an Intro to Chinese Civilization class and US History 1 and 2. The US History classes will run for half the semester each so I'll only have one of the history classes with the Chinese Civ class. Whew! Talk about a lot to do. I figure it will help to keep me busy since Joe is taking a lot of classes too. Lucky for me Joe still has been involved in getting everything planned and is always the first to ask me what he needs to be doing. It's great that he's so excited for everything. :)


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