Super Dress Shopper, yep that's me...

Christina and I went dress shopping once again. We hit Celebration's Bridal and I we did find one dress that was nice there that was within my price range. Unfortunately it was a few sizes too big which always makes you wonder just how it will fit when it's in your size...

After that we went back to David's Bridal to see if maybe they had something similar to the dress and to check out Christina's favorite dress. They didn't have the dress in my size which was unfortunate. They did have a 6 and a 16 so we decided we would try to squeeze into the 6 and see how it went. Surprisingly it almost worked and at least gave us a better idea of what the dress would look like on me.

I did like the dresses but I still haven't found THE dress.

So... I showed Joe the David's Bridal catalog and let him pick his favorite gowns. I made an appointment to go back to David's Bridal to see Valerie and try on his picks on Saturday morning. Perhaps we'll find something but maybe I won't. I do know my Mom wants me to check out the gown rental place in UT which is still an option. Who knows. I figure when I find my dress I'll know. For now it's like a treasure hunt and I'm very glad to have Christina to share it with me. (Even if she does get me making some funny faces in some pictures.) HA HA HA!!!


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