The search continues

So after searching at David's Bridal the other day Christina and I made our way to Alfred Angelo to check out their selection of gowns. We were helped by Danya who is the store manager and her amazingly mature looking 16 year old daughter who was in helping out that day. We didn't have an appointment but they were very accomodating and let us look at some dresses. We probably tried on a good half a dozen dresses or so and found a couple that were nice. I'm begining to wonder if the "this is the dress" moment really does exist...

Since I wasn't in love with any of the dresses there, and because the one I liked best there was around $900 the search continued on. While up here in UT I hit two dress shops and tried on probably another 15 or so dresses. The first place was Fairy Godmother's Bridal where everyone else seemed to think the dresses looked great but I wasn't particularly convinced. I seem to have an issue where I like either the top half of the dress or the bottom half of the dress but not both. Judy was super fabulous there though and recommended a couple other stores in the area we could try.

Our next stop was A Bride Beautiful where Bellinda helped me try on some great gowns. I did find a couple that I liked but one in particular was amazing. It is a Demetrios gown in ivory. An A-line type gown, strapless, beautiful beading/lace and cascading layers on the front. It was SUPER except for the price. If it were $400-500 cheaper I would have bought it on the spot. It looked great, felt great and was gorgeous. And for whatever reason I liked the top AND the bottom of the dress. What a concept! My only hang up was price because I am really having a hard time conteplating spending a ton of money on a dress that #1 I only plan to wear once and #2 really will only wear for a matter of hours before it's done it's job and retires to a box somewhere in storage... I guess that's my pracitcal side coming out but who knows...

So in the end I am leaving UT without a dress but with a few new leads to check out in Vegas. I'll hit the Demetrios store there and see what they've got and also another store called Celebrations Bridal that a friend at work told me about. Ah the hunt for the perfect dress... Perhaps it's more like the impossible dream but for right now I'm holding to the hope that I'll find the dress of my dreams and it will be in my price range. :)


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