Playing dress up

Well we made it out dress shopping on Monday and it was such a great experience. I highly recommend seeing Valerie at the David's Bridal off Rainbow and the 215 on the south end of town. She was excellent! She could tell after a few dresses immediately what I liked and didn't like about it and as we got towards the end more of the dresses became serious contenders. We did finally narrow it down to a halter style a-line type dress with lots of lace that was very princess pretty, a white a-line strapless that looked great with a little bolero and another strapless that had a corset tie back and was a slight trumpet style. So far I'm leaning towards the trumpet style dress because it's got just the right amount of bring, it has a super cute bow in the front and that corset tie is just amazing. Talk about looking 10 pounds thinner right away. HA HA HA!!! Plus it's an ivory dress with a champagne bow so it's really elegant. It's not too much but still feels like a bridal gown to me. I did try on an amazing shorter tea length dress that was fabulous but just didn't scream bride to me. Maybe if I was doing a beach wedding I would have been sold but since it's March in UT it just didn't quite fit my ideal of how I thought I'd walk down the aisle.

I was also happy that we tried on the bridesmaid dress that I like. It looked fabulous on Christina and I think it will be great on the wedding day. Plus it looks pretty comfy and is definitely something you could actually wear again. I love it! I'm even happier that it's already been knocked down to $99 which makes it an even better deal. YAY!

So we did take pictures of the dress and I can send them to anyone interested. I am working on posting them somewhere online however since Joe is online I don't want him to find the pictures and spoil the surprise. :) So if you want to see the dress be sure to comment and let me know. I do think the camera adds 10 pounds because I really thought the dress looked even better in the store. HA HA HA! Then again the one I had on was probably a size too small so that could be contributing to it as well.

Ok, that's my adventures playing dress up. It was a great night. We were there for 3 hours and I think I've found a really great dress that will look amazing. I'm going up to UT this weekend to check out my venue, meet a photographer, meet the cake lady and possibly more. We'll definitely hit a David's Bridal though to check on the dress and see what Kim and my Mom think. :) YAY!!!


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