Celebrate good times!!!

Welcome to my blog! I've revamped it to be a place where I can blog my wedding ideas, thoughts and things. Comments are definitely welcome so please leave your thoughts and suggestions.

Today I've been looking at some things I've found in bridal magazines. The coolest thing I found that I like so far is this. I thought they were really pretty and would go great with a strapless dress. I think they match great with the bridesmaid dresses I have in mind (click on the blue square under available colors to see the color I like) so it's definitely a possibility. We both like the idea of a simple spring/floral/Hawaiian style wedding. Once we book the site it will make it easier to nail down what we're going for.

The place I'm going to visit this coming weekend is Le Jardin. I'm really excited to check it out. My Mom went there for a wedding recently and said it was beautiful. We're excited about it because it's very tropical and lush which works for Joe's idea of an outdoor wedding but it's indoors which fits for my idea of climate control! I'm not all about having to have a backup plan in case of weather which is a distinct possibility in March in UT. Plus I don't want to have to worry about being really hot if we hit a hot spell and I don't want my guests freezing if it happens to be cold that day. It's just easier and we can actually do the wedding and reception in the same place. Bonus! You can see pictures and a video of the site.

In addition to checking out the site I'll be visiting with a photographer we really like. She did two of my friends weddings and the pictures are amazing. I'm definitely hoping we can work something out because she's in UT and we're in Vegas so that means things like getting our engagement photos and bridals may pose an issue when it comes to cost. I'm confident things will work out though. :)

I'm also excited for round one of wedding dress shopping! I'm going to be hitting David's Bridal on Monday after work with Christina, my future mother in law and hopefully a friend from work who's got great taste in fashion. I'll hopefully narrow down my choices to one or two dresses or maybe even find the one. After I have some idea of what I'm looking for I'll show off the dress to my Mom next weekend when I'm up in UT. So far I'm looking at the A-Line and trumpet styles but we'll see when we get there. I want something light to match the spring theme so nothing too out there.

It's very exciting and I look forward to sharing what I find on my blog. YAY!!!


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