Yoga as a Daily Practice

In my last post I talked about what I anticipated to be my next steps around moving forward with my yoga journey. Today I wanted to share the practical application of what I've learned in the Bodhi YogaYoga Teacher Training.

First, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking if I can't make it to a studio or a gym for an hour or longer class it's not really yoga but that's just not true. Yoga is more than just the sequences put together to create a sun salutation or your favorite flow. When I feel anxious or overwhelmed I will sit in Vparita Karani, or legs up the wall, pose. Sitting like that for even 5 minutes working to slow my breath and close my eyes can be as good as a full nap in restoring me to a better state of balance.

Another thing I love to do is using my breathing to help me get balanced. Sometimes you're at work and popping your legs up the wall might not be a realistic option for you but one thing you can do no matter where you are is to focus on…

Life After YTT

The most common question I get now that I've completed my yoga teacher training requirements is something along the lines of what's next. Am I going to teach full time, do I have a studio I want to teach at, when is the next class??? All great questions so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this.

As I mentioned in my last blog post about my experience I feel timing for things works out as it's meant to and it just happened to work out that as I finished my yoga teacher training requirements I also got a new job. I was at my last job for just over seven years. An absolute record for me. I typically leave jobs because I get bored so in the past it's been around a year and a half or maybe two years before I'm ready to move on to the next thing because I'm bored or the work environment was so bad there was no choice but to get out and into something better. I managed to work through seven years in my past job because the work felt so important (Early childhood …

Thoughts on Bodhi Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification

As part of my Yoga Teacher Training I wrote an essay about my experience. I wanted to share it here in case anyone is considering investing in a teacher training.

My journey through this teacher training has been nothing short of life changing. In the beginning it was about gaining knowledge and maybe teaching one day. As time went on I would work on things in bursts then pause again as life got busy. (Hey, having a baby is a big deal. HA HA HA.) It was not the journey I set out to follow or what I expected. I truly believed I would be the person to have everything done by the time our in person classes were finished but I was wrong. (We found out we were having Kira in month two of the training.)

Luckily for me it seems the longer I am here on this earth the more I understand thoughts like "all in the right time" and "if it's meant for you it will not pass you". I know, great things for your Insta meme to inspire your followers but often feeling patronizing an…

Final Favorite Things

As my yoga teacher training journey comes to an end I have one more blog post to write sharing my favorite things since beginning my training. I still adore yoga for how it makes me feel and what it has been for me. In this last month I have taught yoga a couple times a week and it's been a magical experience.

First, I have learned that though I don't feel I know enough to teach I do know more than some people who have never practiced at all and if I can share what I know with them it can be really inspiring. I have seen complete and total beginners find a love of yoga and some who have practiced in the past learn new things from the classes I teach. My absolute favorite thing is when someone lets me know they have integrated something they learned in our time together into their personal practice. I don't know if anything is better than that!

Second, I have found that yoga is something that allows me to connect with others who I might not meet otherwise. Most of the peopl…

3 Things I've Learned Through Yoga Teacher Training

As I'm nearing the end of completing my yoga teacher training requirements I can look back and reflect on some of the things I've learned in developing my own practice as well as in teaching others. Though there are many nuances to what I've learned here are three things I wanted to reflect on today.

The first thing I've felt through my time with Syl, the Bodhi Yoga Studio, the people who train with Syl, and those who have practiced with me is I've always felt supported.

Throughout my time I have questioned my abilities feeling like I just didn't know enough to be walking others through a yoga practice. What I have learned is that what feels like common knowledge isn't always known by everyone and even those with advanced practices I've found that sometimes hearing something from me helps confirm what they already know and they feel better in their personal practice.

I have always felt like Syl and the others who have certified with her are another laye…

Moving Your Energy to Find Balance

Hello, friends. We're in the home stretch to the end of 2018 and it's not too late to get your energy moving so you can finish off the year strong. There is still time to make significant progress on your goals and to change your outlook as we roll into 2019.

One way I like to get my energy up and running is through a good Bodhi Spin practice. If you've never taken a class at the Bodhi Yoga studio in Provo, Utah probably don't know what that means but perhaps you've heard of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga, according to Yoga Journal, is about building physical vitality and increasing consciousness. Though some have thoughts that Kundalini yoga can be dangerous what I love about Bodhi Spin is it's a Kundalini style practice that is safe and accessible.

When I complete a Bodhi Spin practice I leave feeling energized and revitalized. I feel much more in tune with myself and feel empowered to take on my day. I feel it's exceptionally good if you're dealing w…

Yoga for Emotional Healing

Hi, friends. This blog post is about to get long but it shares a lot of how I got where I am and I hope you'll read it and see hope in whatever you're going through. I believe that healing comes in many forms and sometimes you need to tap into multiple modalities to fully heal your mind, body, and soul. Read on to find out what I've been working on over the past year and where it's taking me now...
For me yoga started in my teens where it was something fun because I was flexible and it was easy. I practiced off and on, more off than on, for a number of years until after Russell's traumatic birth situation a friend of mine invited me to practice yoga with her because she needed someone to complete her student teaching with. I was all for some free yoga and for seeing her, as it had been many years at that point, so I figured why not. We practiced one day a week for about an hour and I started to realize that I would leave those sessions feeling like the old me. The…